I've never done this before and i guess I'm nervous about this.

good luck to me i guess ?

anyway, i have always dreamed about two (main) types of romance.

but I've posted my few favorites.

the 'lana del ray - summertime sadness' type with red lipstick and big opaque glasses and rolled down window screens. the Californian aesthetic type love maybe would be a better way to describe it.

and then i have what i call 'yellow love' very poetic its all about sunsets and slow songs and dancing along beaches in cute yellow swimming costumes. traveling to little colorful cities taking cute romantic pictures in the most stupidest of ways. the yellow love could be poetic in a sense that art is poetic. its the beauty of seeing things but feeling them? feeling the love you give and receive. feeling their smiles. that togetherness the unity. somehow everything fits.

then there is my 'indie retro' love, my favorite. The love that aches. the love that is so destructive its sort of beautiful in all its hellish glory. The type of love that keeps you up at night and make you think "wow this is why juliet killed herself to be with romeo." i would give up everything i owned- i would sell my soul to keep the love alight.

I'm about to be 15 and have never experienced any of these romances? apart from one when i fell in love with a girl i thought id be with forever. it was like diving head first into a bottomless pit. i had no control over whatever i was doing, i was young (younGeR) and confused but the only thing that kept me from being lead astray- was the burning passion i had for her.

although we broke up, she was my first love, and i call that the 'blue passion' when you're beyond confused, this is new to you in different ways. you have so much love! so much to give but not enough people to distribute it to.

so passionate :(


thanks for reading i guess :)