My name is Riley. I'm sixteen and go to Catholic school. I'm into theatre, Marvel, and classic literature. After having written that down I've realized how big of a loser I sound like. I'm an okay person though, I suppose. I'm a pretty sarcastic person, and I like other sarcastic people. It's hard to find other people like yourself when you're limited to folks in your area. I make do though. I will trash talk my school at any given opportunity but secretly I love it there. I'm auditioning for my school musical Sound of Music soon. I'm only a sophomore so I'm not expecting too much, but I'm a pretty talented singer/actor. I don't want to sound like I'm bragging though. Bragging is a pet peeve of mine, and I have a best friend who is a bragger.
She wasn't always that way, but she changed last summer after getting a lead role. Now all day I hear her tell everybody about it in this distinct voice, this voice that doesn't belong to her except strictly when she's speaking about her lead role. So for the sake of the sanity of others I don't brag. Sometimes that's what it takes, really. Somebody else doing something that really irks you, and you realize you do it all the time. Then you know you ought to stop doing it, so you don't get on other people's nerves. While I'm on the subject of said best friend, I'll tell a little bit more about her. She made lots of friends last summer when she had that lead role. Friends who happen to go to our school. So now she's buddy buddy with these people all the time, including some guy she has a crush on who played her love interest when she had that lead. I think you can read between the lines and understand my dilemma. I'm third wheeling my ass off, and she doesn't even come see me in the morning anymore, because she goes off with her buddy buddy "theatre friends." That's what she said. In fact, I lied earlier. That voice I said she uses only when speaking about her lead role, well, that's not the only thing she uses it for. She also uses it to talk about her "theatre friends." Usually something along the lines of "I didn't sit with you in the morning today because I was with my THEATRE FRIENDS, hahaha!! I love them."
That's my story so far. Maybe I'll write more. Maybe. I'm trying to improve myself you know. I want to take up photography, maybe writing. Maybe.
Oh. I was about to finish this off but I remembered one more thing about the buddy buddy theatre lead role best friend. She totally snubbed the school musical. Totally snubbed it. Said she's too good for it. Too professional. Too professional my ass.
Anyways, I'm not sure what I expected from writing this. I have a pretty interesting thought process. Thought maybe other people would be interested in my thoughts because I dream up some pretty cool ones sometimes. Probaby from reading classic literature. I love classic books about teenage angst. I almost strictly read books like that. Because they always have quirky characters, and not superficial quirky characters like in young adult novels. Young adult novels suck.
Anyways, I'm going to write more. Expect more of my bitchass life because I've got no where else to write about it. I'll write about other topics too though. Maybe. I can write about most anything that you would expect someone who writes weheartit articles to have the capacity to write; skincare tips, playlists, self improvement, but I may also write fiction here. Hopefully I eventually am able to write that I got a pretty sufficient role in Sound of Music. Until then, take care.