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Just a reminder that organisms are sorted into these groups:

In this article we will be focusing on phylum.

Phylum Cnidaria:

These organisms have stinging cells, no head, a simple nerve net instead of a full nervous system and they have radial symmetry.

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Phylum Mollusca:

These organisms usually have shells, they have a muscle called a foot that is used for moving and getting food, they have a specialized mouth called a radula, and have squishy bodies.


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Bivalves have two shells that are connected on a hinge and they are filter feeders.

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Gastropods have only one shell.


Ceplopods are smart organisms, they are able to camouflage themselves and usually can spray ink.

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Phylum Arthropoda

Arthropods have an exoskeleton. Arthropods include a variety of insects but I am only going to talk about the aquatic arthropods.

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Phylum Echinodermata

These organisms have pesto-radial symmetry, a water vascular system, tube feet, an outer skin layer and a calcified endoskeleton.

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