High School, a dream for some and a walking nightmare for the other 90 percent of the population. Now whether you're in high school or going in or you're trying to make sense of it afterward I'm gonna share some things I've learned while fumbling my way through the treacherous uncertainty of this portion in life. Hopefully this will help someone learn the easier way.

- In my friend Justin's words, "Boys aint shit."
- Don't worry about looking a certain way or acting a certain way, you won't find people you connect with in a meaningful way by acting like someone you aren't.
- Don't waste your time worrying about who's looking at you, everyone else is worrying about the same thing.
- People suck sometimes,some suck less than others, be friends with the people who suck less even if others don't like them in the conventional way because no one in this world is perfect.
- You deserve more than you think you do.
- You're in school, focus on that, that's what's gonna help you later in life.
- Don't waste time doing shit you don't want to do for people who don't care.
- You can't change anyone.
- It's okay to become a different person, you're in high school, it happens.
- Don't let people guilt trip you, you're doing this for yourself.
- Don't stay angry, they don't deserve the attention. And whatever they did they did it for their benefit as all humans do. It's our nature, let it go.
- You are allowed to feel sad or hurt or angry or disappointed or depressed or intimidated, you are allowed to feel anything, but don't become it. You can feel sad, but it's not good to BE sad.
- The world isn't meant to be fair.
- You decide your life, everything is a product of your choices. Things fly out of control sometimes but you decide how it affects you.
- Shit happens, don't dwell on it. Why worry about something you can't change?
- It's okay to be a little selfish sometimes.
- Reach out to people, it could be good.
- Vulnerability is not weakness, just make sure to not be naive.
- Don't be afraid to ask for help, your pride does not outweigh your health or your future.

So that's what I've learned, I'm going into my Junior year now so perhaps I'll have more to say soon. You'll learn other things as well, the hard way. And that's not bad, we've all gotta learn. But I promise you that it's gonna be okay. High School is temporary, the people and things that bother you are temporary. They will go away or get easier to deal with. You will change and that's good, healthy, normal. Do not let people make you feel inferior, you are a human being. Just another shit scared teenager fumbling your way through life, that's not something to be embarrassed of.
Take a breath. It's temporary, and nothing is as bad as your mind makes it out to be.