1-this story is based on a true one so I hope you like it .
2- if you like it let me know to continue and I am looking forward to hearing your opinions and comments .
3- sorry for my bad English I am trying to improve it .

Once upon a time there was a girl whose eyes have never seen the sun's light because she was seeing him , a girl that has never seen the truth because she believed in him , a girl that has never loved a man because her heart wasn't her but it was his , she didn't love him since childhood's days but maybe before that , I think that his love was born with her , they prepared to be together since they were 12 , maybe you will think they are toooo young ??! but she didn't know the meaning of the time or the age as long as she was with him , ever step she has taken was toward him , she was deeply completely in love with him , she counted the seconds and the minutes till the time that she will be able to call him mine till the time that she will be his wife , the days passed as decades and the years passed as centuries until she became 18 sweet 18 but it wasn't .

Hope you like it <3