Dear someone, how are you doing ? it's been ages , I miss the noise, and the whole buzz, I miss the heart-shaped mole on your arm, I miss your husky voice, I miss your smile, and how cute you looked with those dimples on your cheeks, and ya Allah, still with the Henna thing on your left hand?
dear someone,I'm writing you some sleepy numb words here, knowing that you would never read, not even come across ,because simply you are not here anymore ... it's almost 02:00 AM now, I'm overplaying Um Kalthum's songs, the ones you used to love so much, remember ? I am still getting goosebumps whenever I hit the records , remember - إنت مابينك وبين الحب دنيا song ?, yeah, I know you do. Damn straight! after all these years, it is still my favorite one. It is so funny, I mean , the title isn't ? it has so much to tell ... as if we listened to that song particularly, for we knew it was all about us. Remember, even the music was grief-stricken.
Dear someone, I'm not writing you to read, but I'm simply writing to breath, for words are choking me daily, writing helps a little bit ...

Good Night Dear someone