Hey guys, so this is my first article, and for that I wanted to do a playlist of some songs that I really enjoy listening at the moment

It's pretty random but I hope yall like it

+ Dyrisk ft. Flyboy - Over You

+ gnash - something

+ Eden Project - XO

+ Jeremy Zucker ft. Daniel James - Upside Down

+ VACAY - Moving You

+ Trey Songz - Slow Motion

+ G-Eazy ft. Backbear - Remember You

+ The 1975 - She's American

+ Ben Harper - Amen Omen

+ Logan Henderson - Sleepwalker

And hat's it for this playlist, hope you like the songs because I love them <3
I plan on doing more playlists like this in the future and also maybe a kpop playlist because why not

listen to music, it feels good,