It's September, nine month of the year, and I have to say that this year 2017 has hit me like a truck, this year my life has changed in a very drastically way, sometimes I remember how different the things were last year, I thought everything was okay, I had good grades, everything was in control, until 2017 came, this year it has been a year with a lot of challenges, and with that challenges that life has put me through, I've change, I've turn into a completely different person, I've become braver and stronger, and maybe after all the problems that's what matters, keep going, no matter what had happened or happens later. Maybe in that time we think "I can't do this" "what is happening to me?" But after the storm, the rainbow comes, and maybe that's the problem about facing problems, because are not conscious about what we would learn about it, we just think about the bad things that are happening and what may happen. We should do two things about it, one; put everything in God's hands because He is the way; and two: be positive, because the only two that can help you is God and yourself, so stay strong, for yourself, believe, in youself, be happy with yourself, and most of all love yourself, and love everyone else, because in a world full of hate, you should be the change. So, I know from the beginning to the end the ideas are not the same, but I think someone out there might read this and it will help them in some way, so have a beautiful day, and be kind with everyone else, but most of all, with yourself.