Starting off, I'd just like to say that this is going to be a bit complicated and that's okay. If you need to read this several times or ask me questions that is fine. I'll be talking about spells a lot so if you don't understand absolutely everything here, it's alright because you'll probably pick it up later.

So lets break down what a spell is and how to perform one. Spells are simply the processes to create change. Witches believe that we can direct our energies toward a certain goal and we do this through a combination of actions, words, visualization, and intentions. For example, a spell meant to obtain love might include lighting a red candle, scattering rose petals, or dancing (actions). As the witch does this they might say something like: "I deserve love and it will come my way" (words). The spell might tell the witch to imagine radiating red light or visualize their desired partner (visualization). The spell may call for the witch to take some time to consider exactly who they want to be in a relationship with or what they want that relationship to be like (setting an intention). The power of a spell is directing as much energy and focus into it as possible. For this reason, I recommend trying to engage as many senses as you can(sight, smell, sound, taste, touch).

Witches can get creative with spells and it's a great way to reflect your passions and personality. No two spells are exactly alike, how I might preform a love spell will always be different from how you would. There's no right way to design a spell- although there are traditional structures and guidelines- and therefore self expression and individuality is encouraged in spell work. It's important to note that although there are thousands of things spells can help accomplish (luck, love, happiness, strength) they cannot achieve the physically impossible (becoming a mermaid, flying, time travel).

Another thing that I'd like to talk about is the myth of "spell secrecy" . I do not have a collection of 'real spells' that I'm hiding away. Remember that spells gain power from directing energy and setting intention and therefore any spell whether borrowed from the internet, handmade, or from a witch's private collection have the potential to be equally powerful. It all depends on the witch using them. You can make your own spells or find them from external resources. My personal process for preparing for a spell is as follows:
1. Write my intention: exacltly what I want to happen answering the basics of who, what, where, when, and why.
2. Research spells trying to accomplish similar results online. I try to use this as inspiration looking at what I like and don't like about each spell.
3. Create my own spell, using my intention, elements I liked from the spells I researched, and whatever other elements or themes I want to incorporate into the spell.
4. Prepare for and prepare my spell.
5. Writing how my spell went (what worked and what didn't) and the date it was preformed

When looking at spells online, I like to look at the words and chants they use because I personally like when my spells rhyme but am by no means, a poet. However it's important to remember that words have power. If a spell tells you to say something you don't agree with or use words you don't understand you shouldn't use it. Also, far too many spells tend to be unrealistically exact, for example "light 12 red candle at midnight". Elements that are too specific can be changed, adapted, or left behind. At first, most of your spells may be adapted from an external source but as you become more advanced you may find yourself relying on them less and less. My next post is going to be about morals in performing magick, what is acceptable, what is unacceptable and what is grey area. Thank you so much for reading until the end and I hope I didn't make your head spin with information XD