In fact, we can say that mostly there are people who are together without being in love, on the other hand, there people in love without being together. So how do we realize what is happening around us?
How do we know if that person likes me?
How do we know if that person really we like?

My point of view, is to say and think that true love is he one that you do not know what you feel for that person. That feeling that you have difficulty deciphering what you feel. Don't let stop thinking about that "special person".
That is why, we have to get up and say: I am young, but I like the old love. Anyone can to send you messages through Whatsapp.

Well, I have nothing against Whatsapp. At least, today in day there are still people who know how to express love. However, I am a person who think so. Love is love. ❤️

PD: I struggled to write in English:(