Do you love me like I love you?
Can you touch me like I touch you?
Look at my soul, an empty hole
I don’t really mind if you go and hide
I’ll sit here and fight for us
Just another night laying in our lies
Acting like we’re both in love
But I think you’re beautiful
Unusual, How I fell for you
Delusional, How I fell for you
Could you blame me
Your lips, your kiss
Were like honey and wine, so sweet
Me and you
Inseparable at times
We go on, time goes on
We hold on
Then we let go
No time to hold on
I can’t fight this much longer
Our feelings getting stronger
Just tell me lies
Act like you care
Don’t ask me why
I need you there cuz you’re beautiful
This picture keeps playing
Don’t know what its saying
No words, just a smile on your face
No hurt, take me back to that place
I wanna ride around with the top down
I wanna tell the whole town that you’re mine