Most of my life i have been the one that has always been left out or left behind.
The feeling of loneliness has overcome me and the things that I wanted to achieve in my past.
Through all the ups and the downs I've only been there for myself. Through the many years that i've accomplished somethings...I have had no one to cheer me up or make me feel proud.
I always stare down at myself thinking that no one will ever know what i have done in my life. I wanted to show the world that "I DID THIS... I DID THAT.." No one will ever know what i did because of this loneliness inside.
I wish I had real friends who would not betray me. Making friends is hard because i'm so used to being alone. Loneliness feels like it's eating me alive.... being in a crowd full of people and I STILL feel alone. Why is that? I don't know... So for now on, I'll just be here alone.