Throughout my life, I had several impossible loves, or so I called them because I did not dare to confess. For many times I fear being rejected or for letting my brain and my shyness insinuate them. The truth there are no impossible loves, there are hearts that do not want to fight for them. Tell him that you love him or that you love him, that he does not care about his response or his rejection. If he says he does not love you, it's because someone else is destined for you. But if it says yes, do it, be bold and happy because it does not happen twice in life.
I also did it, I confess to the one I like, for a message, and he does not answer me. Perhaps there is someone better and who knows how to love me, who loves my security, my strengths, my tastes, my thoughts. Love me as I am.
And I hope the same thing happens to you. Trust yourself, for a letter, a message, face to face or your friends. Do not stay with the desire.
If it is a mistake, it is okay, we are human, and we have to make mistakes, stumble and get up again.