If what you tell me is how you really see me. If your 100% honest then I'll never be what you see inside. I'm not the words you speak to me or the texts you send to me at 2am. I mean when I say this. Run Away! I'm not good for you and I'm not saying that because then I hope that you would stay, I'm saying at because that is the truth. Stay away from me. Your amazing and I am not. You mean way to much for me to tear you apart. That's what well happen. Run Away! Now! Go! and don't look back, Leave. I well be awful to you. I'll be a bitch and the worst part is I don't won't to but I know it'll happen. Go! Run! Why are you still here? Why aren't you listing to me? No! do not come and hug me. Listen! My broken pieces will cut you. They well only bring you pain and suffering your demons well only get bigger. So if what you tell me is what you believe, If you really mean it, It's not true. Run!