Here's how i became the die hard fan of Taylor Swift

For me, she is the definition of music. Recently her new single released! My world turned upside down. It is the best i have heard in two years after her last song. The way she dances in her videos. The way she tells us stories through her lyrics. The way she inspires us through her songs. EVERYTHING! Absolutely everything makes me even prouder than before to be her fan. She does things in a very different way. Her catch up quotes in her lyrics are the best! People say her character isn't good, just because she dates and ditches many guys. Well, damn your point of view! I love her, anyway! Everyday, there's a brand new thing about her.. I know there are like 102M swifties including me all around the world. For us, the 10 times Grammy award winning, Taylor Swift, is literally the only best singer in the world!