hiiii so this is my first article on whi. i wrote this sort of 'poem' because well, i do like to write short stories or anything related to love, fears and human experiences one can relate too. i still have the hope of realizing my goal of becoming an autor but, hey i can still try.

maybe i will post something about me (my hearts and my aesthetically collections) and my future writing on here or on another pages (as wattpad, AO3, tumblr, etc) as well and may update about it.
if you like please, let me know!! i would appreciate your comments/thoughts on it (let me know on my twitter livecollarfull or my tumblr collarsweat)
if you would like to do some artwork from it or post it, please give credits. my head can breakdown too.
that's it. enjoy it.


since you've gone, i'm not begging for you now

only said friends, friends who can't see each other like more than that term
only said friends, but friends don't go upstairs to try eachother sweat or to inhale eachother breathes.

as friends it worked out, more than friends everything went down.

i wasn't 'round that time
when you experienced death
your head received the worst knock out
wanted to see you fast
but still i wasn't there then,
everything faded and didn't know a detail from it

i'm not begging you to come back,
but i am asking now
am i going to be able to see your eyes?
i'm not begging you to talk me back,
but i'm asking now
why you never say a thing about goodbye?

all my walls got fresh painted now,
but the stain of your presence it's the only thing that remains
i can't erase it, and instead wreckred all of them
i'm not begging now but,
please could you clean up the mess you made?

every inch of me, still know how you tasted
but now that you've gone,
the flavor it's acid,
it's not romantic as you tasted once.

with every muscle flexed around me,
with your head resting above me and those naive hands beside me
i'm okay, never going to beg for it