The room was filled with Cassandra's screams, the princess was yelling in pain while rubbing her forehead, her maid Nim was the only thing keeping her from collapsing. She laid her on her bed and went to get some medicine for her princess. The petite, pink haired girl ran into the royal safe and took a small bag with golden powder in it. She hurried towards the princess's room while also trying to be cautious not to waste any of the precious powder while running.

When she approached the door of Cassandra's room she knocked gently careful not to disturb her piece. After she has heard her princess's sweet voice allowing her to enter, she ever so gracefully entered the room as if she was walking on air. As she was approaching the bed Cassandra got up on her feet while still dizzy, she couldn't keep her composure for a long time before she collapsed onto her bed unconscious. Nim squealed and ran towards her princess, throwing the bag onto the floor, letting the golden powder spread all over the crimson carpet. After she has checked her pulse, Nim let out a sigh of relief, but that feeling didn't last very long because she has realized she has thrown the bag away. She hurried up and grabbed it, her cyan eyes filled with tears and it wasn't before long the tears started running down her rosy cheeks while she was shaking as if she was freezing to death. "I'm sorry mistress, may the great Athrea forgive me my sins.", her voice got thin and she was stuttering while she was keeping her head pressed against her chest.

She got up and headed towards Cassandra's bed and laid her in a proper position. Nim put her hand into the bag and took some of the powder out. Waving her hand across Cassandra's body she was spreading the powder. When the powder made contact with her it looked like her pale skin was reflecting the afternoon sunlight, her pale lips were regaining their natural light pink color again and her long grey hair was growing platinum blonde again.

The silver crown the princess was wearing was glistering giving off the illusion it's made out of diamond. The scarlet jewel in the center was slowly building up its glow until it has became pink and a ray of light spread from it's center followed by Cassandra waking up as soon as the glow has faded away. She sat down onto the side of her bed holding her head trying to chase the leftover dizziness out. Nim's self-dissapointed expression changed and she squealed from excitement: "My princess, oh hail Athera you're ok, I was very worried about you." Cassandra looked at Nim's innocent, gentle and caring eyes and the happiness that was dancing in them made her smile. "I'm fine now, Nim, no need to worry.", she replied with her thin, but strong voice, the very voice that could awake both respect and joy in anyone listening to it. Nim, looked away and her smile's turned upside down; "Another one has escaped?" Cassandra only nodded in response, of course the maid already knew the answer was affirmative, but she was still hoping otherwise.

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