We might have been caught up in a few crossovers this academic year. Yet what makes it even special is that you sometimes miss the crossover itself. Getting involved within a communication, may it be an interpersonal communication with someone who you have no former background about, except their names, their grades, and their favorite topics, or the exam they have failed to maneuver that day. Even that latter ain’t getting the great major of importance anyway. What matters indeed is that an individual would open up, talking about anything that would help them relieve their inner struggles, even if they knew you would not give a damn about what they are going through, because you, yourself are getting a piece of the whole cake. But the fact you are there sitting around the university’s garden table, chitchatting with them; is the real thing, no matter what the subject is, just trying to weigh your day’s issues down , laugh a little , play domino, or rather watch ‘them’ play domino, because you don’t like domino anyways. But you would not lay off, you stick up there, you just keep talking and listening , over and over and over and over again. Then it is time to leave, you hit the road, and tomorrow would be a good tomorrow for another crossover with these homies.