My favourite book is Harry Potter. I think I'll never forget this wonderful and miracle story about a boy who survived. This book opens a new great world for children and for adults which is full of witchcraft and miracles. All charecters are bright and lively. And every character has the personal features, stories. When I read this book, I have a feeling that I become a member of this story and I can touch them.
This book teaches us how to go through difficulties and not to afraid to solve them. Nowadays you have to face with many problems but we shouldn't forget about our friends and relatives who support us.
When I was little I was dreaming to be taken in Hogwarts. I wanted to have my own owl, to take part in quidditch, to taste butterbeer, to have the wand and etc.
This book helped me to find a new friends. They are brilliant friends and I'm lucky that I have found them. They are fans of Harry Potter too. My friend looks like Harry Potter because he wears glasses and he behaves like Harry. We studied together at school and we always helped each other. Unfortunately he moved in Moscow and I stayed alone. I missed him and i hope he missed too. Nevertheless we keep in touch. We talked a lot about school, books, musik, games, anime and university. Now we were studying and we didn't have time to have a walk or even to see each other but we are stay friends. I behave like Hermione they say and I agree with them. I will always protect and support my friends.
To sum up this book helpes me to find myself and to find a new friends who make me smile all the time.