Here I am again, I start to love making articles it relax me.
Anyway as always I'm gonna talk about the school because it's an important part in our live, It will help us to determine what we will be doing in the future .I really hope that this article help you to get better notes.

🔸Be organized.
Being organized helps you work better, relax and be ready to find and hand in stuff on time. There are plenty of ways to self-organize and it is best that you find the method that works best for you.
Make use of highlighters, bright Post-It tags, and other items to label and highlight your organized items

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🔸Keep a calendar.
Choose one that can fit in your folder or binder so that you can easily turn to it and find it when you need to use it. In this calendar, write down all your tests and assessments, and if your school has different academic classes on different days, write those down too. Also, make notes of study sessions or time you plan to spend doing homework.

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🔸Make sure to answer / ask at least one question per class.
This will show your teacher that you're actively participating in class. But more than that, it also forces you to pay enough attention to be able to ask/answer questions. As a result, you'll do much better on tests and quizzes.

🔸Listen actively.
Don't just ask questions or talk. Learn to listen too. Eighty percent of the questions you find on any test were explained in class. The key to many understandings of the materials presented is often through listening to the teacher's explanations.

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🔸Revise/study at home.
Do this in a quiet place with no distractions. If the computer is in your room, take it out or go to another room. Don't study with the radio on! It might help you write more but on the day of the exam, the only thing you'll remember will be the lyrics.

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🔸Put effort into your homework.
Though it seems like a torture device, homework is a way of controlling and making progress outside of the classroom. This isn't very comforting the night you have two essays and algebra to do, though, so remember to do the actual homework and keep up with the workload.

🔸Take a practice test before the exam to further your understanding of what you need to study.
Be careful, though, taking dozens of practice tests is a much less effective way to study than combining one or two with other forms of study.

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If you want me to talk about something in particular send me a message :)
See you xx

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