Hey Hearters!! Its been 19 years of Harry Potter! I still cant believe that i heard of it 10 years back and never cared and then just a year ago i watched it and now i am included in the #HarryPotterFandom. Oh yeah, i am also the same bit of crazy as you are all. I wanted a good topic for my article. As this being the first, let me know your reviews! I have posted 2-3 photos of the harry potter related. And i came to know that you all guys love harry potter as much as i do, on the basis of hearts i have got. I cant really think of words/sentences to write about the topic and i am sorry for the lack age of words in such a topic like this. But what i am doing is, keeping it real!
I want to know your favorite part in the book/movie! Please do share!
Mine was when, Hermoine and Harry time travelled to change things in the Third part. Please do share yours!