it's back to school time, so here's a bunch of ways to make it look like you really transformed over the summer!

1) get your eyebrows done, simple way to transform your face.

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2) wear a statement watch, your outfit looks much more put together and stylish.

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3) change your hair

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you can dye it

cut it short

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or both, there's no stopping you!

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4) find your scent.

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5) get those long eyelashes, putting on mascara makes your eyes pop and look 100 times cuter.

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6) stop being jealous. jealousy is one of the worse feelings and inspires emotions like hate. so this year, instead of feeling jealous and bad, compliment and ask that girl how she scored so well in that exam. be happy for other people and let their success fuel your own motivation!

jealousy will never get you anywhere.

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7) be confident! love yourself, don't doubt yourself, walk into a room and own it! if you have to, fake it till you make it.

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good luck! and follow me for more ;)