#1 never believe what a guy you just met says to you, even if he seems nice, he can be lying.

#2 Trust your best friends, they might see your situation from the right point of view. Even if you don't like the truth, it is necessary to accept it.

#3 If he doesn't show real interest, don't get excited for any little detail. e.g. emoji kiss, goodnight kiss, being called pretty....

#4 Reject a guy if in the inside you know that he is no good for you. Even though you don't want to lose a guy who seems to be interested in you, you have to appreciate yourself and have respect for you first, there will be more guys.

#5 If he cheats on you once, he can do it twice or more.

#6 Don't expect to be always "the only one".

#7 It's better to be surprised than to be disappointed.