There's a certain type of beauty when life has made you content being alone. My mind soars through the stars like it always been there. I wonder if you feel the same way. I wonder if anyone does. Although, I fail to understand a lot of things... I do know that there's empathy out there. Something that connects us all. I think a lot of us are soaring through some stars wondering when our life will begin; or when we'll find our person, but what have we done to really connect with one another? We have the internet which connects us with such a wide span of people. I mean, how could the love of our life or our best friend really just be 15 minutes away? How do we still feel alone when we are constantly surrounded by people. In some way they get you... but in others you're a foreign land. Sometimes, I'm not sure if I want to find something familiar, but I know it'd be nice to feel at home, among somebody who looks at the same stars that I do.