Before I met you I had a pure and naive heart.

And because of you I had the sunshine even in the darkest skys.
Because of you I belived in love at first sight and I had faith in our love even with distance.
Because of you I learned the real definition of love.
Because of you all the love songs made sense.
Because of you life had it's meaning.
Because of you I felt loved.
Because of you I believed in love.

And because of you I've been the happiest girl on earth.


Then you left me, left me in pieces.

And because of you I've been crying myself to sleep every night.
Because of you I am afraid to live a life without you.
Because of you I've pushed everyone away and built a wall around me so high that no one could reach it.
Because of you I've learned the true definition of pain.
Because of you I've been smocking my lungs off to fulfill the emptiness you left behind.
Because of you I have dark ideas, cutting myself.
Because of you I'm scared to believe in mens, in love, in me.

And because of you I've never been this bad.