• The Eclipse!
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  • Buffalo wings
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Absolutely amazing
  • Writing letters for myself to keep
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Whenever I write out my feelings, I always tend to feel a lot better about any situation. I like to write letters to people and to things (like life and love) so that I can let out any thoughts and feelings I have.
  • Rick and Morty
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Such a hilarious tv show
  • Vintage Fashion Style
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  • Tinted lip balms
  • Fjallraven Kanken backpack
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So fashionable and cute
  • Cat eye Sunglasses
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  • Disposable Cameras
  • Memory:

I also wanted to mention one specific night in August when I went out to the city of my hometown and walked by the water, taking in the music playing from restaurants/clubs and all of the people out walking at night as well. I eventually sat out on a ledge overlooking the sea and the buildings and all the colorful lights. It may seem like a small, simple memory, but I felt so at peace and inspired in that spot. It made me realize how much I loved the area again.

: )