Hello dear readers ! Well , September is here , no matter you want it or not . I know the weather is cold ,dark and rainy , but let's look at the good side of things . This month is so dark , but we can make it light & beautifull with our imagination or with positiv thoughts .
THE FIRST WAY is to light a candle and pick up our favourite book or magazine , make a warm tea and enjoy the silence or why not the relaxing music .

THE SECOND WAY is to go out when it does not rain . Go to the nearest park or forest and look at the autumn with other eyes . This season is very beautiful, its colors are very different .Тhe colorful leaves that have fallen from the trees and have been paved almost everywhere, like a beautiful and magical carpet that, while outdoors, creates a coziness .

ТHE THIRD WAY is to decorate your room, turn it into your autumn paradise.Here at "We Hearth it" has many DIY projects and ideas, so you have the freedom to create your little autumn corner to make you happy.

Well, it was from me, I hope my ideas have made you love autumn, see her beauty and feel the coziness that gives the whole atmosphere and beauty of this season. Much love & hugs - Dess ♥