Trust me. You, who is reading this. If you're struggling with depression, anxiety or anything related to that or eating disorder. Trust me it WILL be okay. Right now you feel like it will NEVER be okay, but it will. You probably feel okay sometimes, right? Imagine your whole life being okay and beautiful.

You're a beautiful, sensitive human being. And that's all right. That's actually more than all right. That's awesome. You are awesome. Remember your worth. Whatever keeps you on the bottom, either a breakup, relatives' death, parents, low selfesteem, try to stay strong.

I know it doesn't help at all when someone says "Stay strong." But what helps is knowing that you're worthy and beautiful. If an important person for you has recently died, what doesn't usually help is when others tell you that "They're still with you." but you can think it otherwise; atleats you had them in your life.

And remember there's always someone who cares for you.

I'm sorry if I didn't explain things clearly here, but it will be alright. I'm sorry if this was just a waste of your time. Bye