Does she still think about you?
That's all you want to know, it eats away at you as you lie in your bed and stare at the ceiling.
You can't help but to think that maybe things could have been different, that the person laying next to you right now could have been her.
Tears roll down your cheeks silently, you don't want to wake the body sleeping next to you. You still care for that girl as if it were her, you think maybe if you try hard enough, you can mold her into what she was.
You can change her personality into the one you long for.
If you try hard enough you can see the familiar glimmer in her eyes that you loved so much, but it's gone in a flash because those eyes are not her eyes.
You will one day go to the coffee shop you and her met at, you will see her there, your heart will speed up, and it will break all over.
In that moment of destruction, you will long for the body in your bed who thinks you're at work, not at a coffee shop with the ex-love of your life.
You will realize how toxic the atmosphere feels, how cold her hands are in yours now.
And you will realize, that though you fucking loved her, she was never meant to be your forever.