School has started for me yesterday and to be honest, I'm pretty excited. I feel like a whole different person (Not because my hair and eyebrows are different) but I see everything from another perspective.
But that's not the topic I wanted to write about! I wanted to show you what I carry on to school! I live in Belgium, Europe and the school system here is a bit weird and totally different that the system in for example the USA.
(I also don't agree that we still need to carry around actual books in time of all those electronic devices and high-tech technology!)

But whatever I listed my top things you will ALWAYS find in my schoolbag!

Before we start I want to introduce you to my schoolbag, my lovely kanken! It's the best bag I've ever owned!!! It looks small but it's perfect for me!

yellow, aesthetic, and converse image

I've a personalized planner which I adore! I made it myself via a website. I may choose the front, back, inside, put in important dates and birthdays etc. (I can't show you a pic of it but this is the link to their website: )

I'm so basic I know but I always try to be organized (and I always fail when it comes to the middle of the school year.) so this year I have A4 notebooks for each class! But I also carry around an A5 notebook in case I forgot the big in my locker or at home.

journal, article, and bujo image

I have a Ted Baker pencil case (it's actually a beauty case) and I've put a lot of stuff in there. (pens, pencils, post-its, sticky notes, erasor, sharpener, chewing gum....I think I even have 7 blue pens in it.) It's actually my little thing of everything.

Image by iris jubière

I've 2 kinds of emergency kits. 1 small makeup bag with pads, elastics, hand creme, hand sanitizer... and 1 little plastic box with essentials for class with a mini scissor (it's extra mini), tape (also super mini), a mini stapler, a ruler, paper clips...

I can't forget my wallet with my money, student card, buss pass and ID card! duhh! And how will I buy my everyday go to morning coffee without my money?

coffee, city, and drink image

I need them because literally all my books and emergency kit are in my locker! And I don't wanna lock myself out of my own house!!!

Well... it speaks for itself.

Like they say, water is key and I like to stay hydrated all day long! I prefer detox water with lemon and mint or lime and mint!

Temporarily removed

Don't ask, you will understand it.

These are the things I carry on in my bag! I hope you enjoyed reading my new article or my new T&A (tips and advice)! I try to write a new T&A everyday so stay tuned by following my collection "T&A's"
I you have any questions, don't be afraid to send me a post card and If you have an idea for my next T&A, feel free to send me a postcard! <3

Lots of love and don't forget to slay your day sweetheart!

Xx m.yrt.h.e