Thank You Series,
That's the first point. Why ? Why thanks ? Because of our lazy days, when it's raining, in autumn, in winter... What do you want to do ? Watch series !!!
After the school, in your bed with a hot chocolate muffled in your blanket...
It's like back to your imaginary life, invent dream, like watching Grey's Anatomy you should probably want to become a surgeon, nurse or doing surgery!!!
You create dreams, different stories like mix Grey's Anatomy with Orange Is The New Black or Teen Wolf.
If you're watching Teen Wolf I'm sure one day you desire to be a werewolf like Scott or Derek.
Or marry Captain Hook from Once Upon A Time.
Laugh with Taystee, Suzane, Cindy, Poussey and the others from Orange Is The New Black.
Become best friends with Arizona from Grey's Anatomy.
Or become reporter/journalist with CATCO from Supergirl!
So thank you series