I was strolling down one of the main streets in my city, coming back from the first day of school ( which wasn’t to bad), and I saw a man sitting on an old and rusty wooden chair, with the cutest husky.

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not actually the husky XD

The dog was calmly sitting next to the man, with a pretty white hat on his head, pulling his fluffy ears down which made him even cuter and impossible to resist.
I got over to him, and as a smiled tot the man who was casually sitting on the chair reaching to pet the husky, my sister who was beside me warned me that I have to put some money in the box in front of the man, and then pet the dog. At first I didn’t see the box, but when my sister warned me i saw a clean medium sized EMPTY box in front of the man.
it was pretty late in the evening so who knows how long that man was sitting there, And not one person gave him money.
I do feel sorry for people on the streets asking for money but as soon as I see someone sitting in raged clothes, looking skinny and sick smoking a cigar or with newly dyed hair, i feel so less sorry for them. I get it that it is their little pleasures, and that cigar maybe helping her or him kill the time of sitting on the cold streets, and the dyed hair makes her/him feel better about her/himself when she/he looks in the mirror. But the money you spent for those things which aren’t cheep at all in my country you could have bought yourself some food, medicine, or help out a fellow homeless person, or stash the money...

But still, they shouldn’t be living on the streets and we should help them as much as we can.
But this man with the dog was very cheerful, and friendly. He would have let me pet the dog with out giving him money, he told me, but a found some in my pocked and of course I gave it to him. The dog was very smart, when I gave the man some money he told the dog:

Kiss this pretty girl.

And the dog did, very cheerfully. He was so happy to be hugged and petted, and by the sound of the man’s voice his tail got even happier.
The man started talking how there is no better friend then his dog, and how many offers on the street did he turn down about selling him.

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this is not me XP

The purpose of this article is the meaning of pets. Not just dogs. Animals give us so much comfort because they don’t think like people do. People are scientifically animals too, if I’m not mistaken. But people have invaded so much of earth and grown so much that we’ve almost lost most of the good animal traits like loyalty, but kept the bad one like killing. But dogs,cats etc. that we keep around us remind us of the good. And we relate to them, at least that is how I see it. They make us feel better when we’re sad, they love us unconditionally. Deep down we are more like them then we now it.

This is bit serious article, I promise the next one will be cheerful, and it will probably be about My dog. So here are some cute Husky pictures to lighten things up.

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