In heaven there is a big, green, full of flowers meadow which begins after a beautiful rainbow, dogs' heaven. The dogs from all around the world leave there, they play together, the run along the meadow with their friends, they lay in sunny places, near the trees, they are happy!
It's their own heaven, all these beautiful,kind souls have finally their own place. In this place they all will leave as they always wanted and wished. In this place same unlucky dogs will find the peace they didn't have on the earth, there, they will heel theirs wounds, they will leave the life they didn't.
For the lucky dogs, they will continue leave great, not like on earth of course, much better, but without the people they loved...
And suddenly, as the god is playing with the other dogs, its friends, stops. He is listening something. Is trying to understand what this sound is, it reminds him of something... Or maybe of someone! His human!
He stops, he trys to figure out what happend, he feel confused... No this is good or bad? This can mean only one thing... His human is dead! The human he missed so much is there, with him, in heaven? The God took him in heaven!
He starts running, he want to see him, so long time has passed without seeing him! Now he can see his human again, they will be together again, but this time for ever!
He is close, they are close, he can see him clearly, he is smiling and saying his name! Ηis human open his arms, and finally he falls in his arms! He feels he is flying, he is happier than ever, he and his human in heaven, together, this time for ever!
Love stories always have happy endings!