Autumn is on the way... Some of us are heading back to school and some of us to college. All we have left are summer memories and we cannot help ourselves but wonder what we could have done more than we already did ( or did not).

Well, good news!
Summer beeing almost over is not something to be sad about. Ofcourse... we can be sad about it, but that won`t bring us anywhere. without further ado here are 3 tips on how to get started working on your road to happines :)

1) To get your head straight and find what you really want to do,how you want to improve yourself or find what makes you happy you can go for a walk ( I recommend that you go alone and without listening to any music, because it will make you think more and that way help you to get better conclusions).

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2) If you are not a fan of walking you can just chill in your home, make yourself a cup of something warm (or cold, if you prefer) and look out thewindow. You can also invite close friend to come over and talk about your ambitions and/or interest instead of talking about gossips or everyday stuff ( You will learn more about eachother and connect on a deeper level ).

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3) And, as expected, do the things that you want to do (which you concluded in tip #1 or already knew).
Here are some suggestions:

-Take some artistic pictures

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-Organize. Having clean space will make you more productive as you will have less objects capturing your attention. ( If you like creative mess, it is welcomed as well :P )

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-Dance, draw, read or spend time with your pet

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Now go and be happy! <3

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