Syle is such a personal thing and especially when you are young it shows who you are. As a teenager, stereotypes and personalities are blown into something bigger due to being in such an intense environment at school and on the internet. Your clothes define you. They show you as a 'hipster', 'arty', and 'anime lover', a 'fangirl', and everything in between. Me, I love the whole LA girl look, especially in the summer. Denim skirts and shorts are my favourite with shoes like superstars. Often teenage girls are described as 'basic' if they are wearing skinny jeans, crop tops and trainers but why are we putting people down because they choose to follow the style of the times? Degrading someone to 'basic' is wrong and shouldn't even be an insult because there is nothing wrong with dressing the same way as other people. In fact, your style doesn't really define you at all. It shows your vibe, your look and the clothes you like to wear. It shows your aesthetic and often your hobbies. But it doesn't show your heart, your intelligence or your worth.

So wear what you want, feel beautiful in your choices, and know your worth does not lie in the fabric on your skin- it lies in your heart.

Love, Ella xx

p.s. the cover photo is from Maddie Ziegler's instagram