Where have you gone? My heart still continues to play on and on and on - skipping at the parts where you are absent - like a broken record. I'm trying my hardest. I can't even get you out of my head. It's as if that is your new home... The intertwining of my thoughts is where you reside now, leaving your small lakefront apartment behind. I don't want you up there - in that messed up place they call my head. Please leave - you don't belong there.

Where have you gone? Everyone still asks about you no matter what I tell them. It's as if they know we're supposed to be together. It tears me apart, you know? I feel as if I'm only a piece of paper and I'm being ripped to shreds every time you're brought up. You wrote your story on my skin every time we touched. But now that you've left, I must erase it. Start clean. But the eraser I'm trying to use isn't working because I keep carving your words back onto my body when they begin to leave.

Where have you gone? I hope there isn't another. God, please don't let there be another girl that you are making happy. I always ask myself why it matters. There's only one answer. I can't imagine you tracing your same words onto another body.

Where have you gone? Every night that passes I find myself thinking of you. You won't even talk to me about your feelings. You say you've shut them out ever since we parted. Why did you do that? Hearing your feelings makes me feel as if I'm still special. I know I'm not. Now I always feel the need to apologize for wasting your time.

Where have you gone? The question I ask every single day. I need to stop. You don't want me anymore. I'm just a small piece of your story that has broken and fallen away. I once meant so much to you but now I mean nothing. I'm going to let you be.

But where have you gone? You are still living in my thoughts no matter how many eviction notices I give you. Just move out already.

-r.w // @raeannewilliams