You sound white
You sound like you were born into a two parent home
In a nice suburban house
You sound like your dad never left you
Like he actually loved you
Like he taught you how to ride a bike
Like he showed you how a man should treat his woman
You sound like you went to a good school
In a neighborhood that the government actually gives a fuck about
Like there weren't 30 students and one teacher who really didn't care
You sound Like you didn't NEED to work a part time job in high school
Like you worked because you were bored
You sound like you aren't the first to graduate high school in your family
Like you didn't get pregnant in high school
Like you are comfortable in your skin
Like you never had to wonder if you were beautiful
Like you just knew
You sound like you never sold weed by the corner
Like you have never been to a correctional facility
Like you'll never be to a correctional facility
You sound like you don't get stopped by the cops for no apparent reason
Like you aren't cautious of the cop
You sound like you're going to go to college
Like you're going to graduate
You sound like you're going to to get a good job
Like you'll have a good family
Like you will live the American dream
You sound loved
You sound smart
You sound successful
You sound white