Why do you check your makeup, your clothes every time you look in the mirror?
Why do you buy this super hyped and expensive shoes?
Why do you spend hours to make the perfect picture for instagram?
Why, why ,why....

Why do you do all of these things?
Because of you?
Or because you think that you are 'cool' now?
That you are the new itgirl now?

Let me tell you somethig.
This is not important!
This is not sustainable!

You're not gonna be happy in life because you have one more follower.
You're not gonna be the itgirl, the cool girl forever even if you might be now IF you are.

The thing is, people don't care about your makeup, your clothes or your instagram posts as much as you think.
The truth is, that they see it, recognize it or not and then forget about it already after seconds.

Don't spend your precious time with caring about what they think of you.
This doesn't matter.
It's so important to be, dress and act like your real self. To only care about you and the ones you love.

Do you know what makes me truely sad?
The tiny rest of REAL personality that is left in our generation, our society.
Do you really wanna lose yours?

You don't need fake friends to be cool.
Your real friends would neither judge you nor your style ever.

You see
It's a lot better to
be yourself
act like yourself
dress like yourself.
You'll feel it.
And you'll feel great.

And don't care about haters
They're just stupid little pieces of sh*t who are jealous because they don't have the courage to be natural.
Just be you and don't give a f*ck about them and their opinions.
You are good enough and don't have to change for anyone.
Just be you.