I like when you tell me that
That I am the most beautiful girl in the world
And even though I know that out of the 7 billion plus human inhabitants of this earth I am Not even close to being attractive
I like when you look me in my eyes and lie to me

See I love those well lubricated lies
Like when you say "I love you"
And even though I know you don't know me enough to love me
Or care enough to know me
I like the sound of those words
I Love You
It's Like a joke that never gets old

Some might wonder why you do it, but I know
I know it's not for the 7 minutes of pleasure followed by 2 seconds of utter bliss
No I know it is not sex
It is for something much more intense
My love
My admiration
My undivided attention
The brains to your zombie
The blood to your vampire

So please lie
With those sweetly lubricated words
Because I love you