You know that time when you just wanna disappear for some time? Month? Year?
Well I wanna do that every day. Actually I just wanna go somewhere that nobody knows me. Why? Because
I live in the place that nobody loves me. Don’t worry I don’t like that people too. I have a cuple of friends but they too have other friends. Which mean that when I’m off something they have company. But I’m glad. Why? I think because I know that I’m a boring company. I’m not funny, not smart, I care about music than fashion and all that stuff. But I learn to accept that.

But don’t be like me. Be different. Make friends, communicate with people and be yourself while this world don’t change you. Life will put you in so many different experiences. Take them and go through them with smile.

Thank you for separate your time to read this. This is my first article and I hope you enjoy.

-lots of love, Vx

p.s. sorry for my bad english