lately I feel like I've lost myself. it's been so long since I've felt okay; I always feel nothing, like I'm numb, or I feel everything at once, like I'm drowning.

even my friends see this walking zombie version of me as normal now but I don't even see them very often at all anymore because I'm so tired all the time. and I'm tired of feeling tired. my relationships with people are falling apart at the seams just because I can't be who I used to be, it's become so hard to be anyone at all.

nobody understands, and nobody understands that they can't understand. people brush off my feelings like its "one of those days" but it's deeper than that and it hurts so much more. so now I don't tell anyone how I feel at all. it's this misconception that everyone has the same kind of sadness that's destroying me.

— L :(