Hello everyone!!!!(♥ω♥*)
Today's theme,as you have seen from the title,is the Anime I have watched(when I write watched I mean completed)
So,here you go!!!

Diabolik Lovers,Diabolik Lovers More Blood

diabolik lovers, anime, and subaru sakamaki image

Rosario+Vampire,Posario + Vampire Capu2

anime, gif, and tsukune image

Tokyo Ghoul,Tokyo Ghoul Root A

anime, style, and art image


anime, guapo, and karneval image

Yamada-kun and the seven Witches

anime, boy, and couple image


anime image

Monster Musume

anime, gif, and anime gif image

Shingeki no Bahamut

anime, gif, and azazel image

Your Lie in April

anime, gif, and love image

Akame ga Kill!

akame, akame ga kill, and gif image

Ajin,Ajin season 2

manga and ajin image

Kamisama Kiss,Kamisama Kiss 2

Image by α૨iαท૯ ทαઽ૮iʍ૯ทƬѳ●•ツ

Free!,Season 1

anime, gif, and anime gif image


hetalia, anime, and china image

Mirai Nikki

anime, gif, and mirai nikki image

Darker than Black

anime, art, and black image


anime, gif, and v image

Magi:the Labyrinth of Magic

magi, morgiana, and anime image

Kaichou wa maid sama

anime, anime shojo, and walker usui image


Action, anime, and gore image

Do not forget to check out part 2!!!!
Hope you liked!!!