Hey lovelies! I'm so happy to write this(MyFirstArticle).Its such a great opportunity to express ourselves more and be friends.

In this article I'm gonna let u guys know me more in depth.
So let me begin with this "GET TO KNOW ME" tag.

I'm a 18 years old girl who's born and brought up in the outskirts of Houston.Atm I'm living in Brooklyn,NY with my family.K, now let me talk abt my interests.So I love playing with dif shades of lipstick,enjoy playing basketball,and learning and being acknowledged with my religion i.e, Islam.I wear hijab,I guess most of yall are pretty much aware what it is if not then basically it's a veil that you use to wrap your hair and most importantly it' a sign of modesty and peace.The reason behind my presence in whi is the fact that it emphasizes my interests more and more as days pass.Some days I'm too stressed and busy with taking my shit together bt yall are the reason which is constantly making me do what I would be doing instead.

Anyways yall, if you read it till the very end I appreciate your time and patience.Ik hou van jo(btw srry for being sliick). Bii bellezas❤🌹

P.S---srry for the long essay:*