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This is my first article, and i'm really excited to be sharing and enjoying this new feature! I hope you wonderful people out there find this helpful.

1 - Study in a quiet spot :

While studying, it is important to not have anything bothering your attention. This you can acquire by having a nook in your house charged with a desk and chair, or other necessary factors for a good sitting spot. Block out noisy things, or objects that don't help you to concentrate.

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2 - Make a bullet jornal, or to do list :

Organization is key, and you can make this possible by writing down a to do list or handling a bullet journal, a notebook which you can use as a planner, diary, or anything else. For this, get a clean diary and decorate it as you want to. If this isn't possibe, note down a list of things needed to be done so that you stay on track.

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3 - Know your strong and weak points :

For the best result to be obtained, you must know which learning way suits you. For this purpose, try out different techniques in learning something, and know which one helps you best. Some of these tricks include reading verbally, quietly, jotting down everything in notes, reading something multiple times or anything else.

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4 - Take notes and write what you learn ;

Although learning is the first step, don't forget to write what you learn. After memorizing any said passage or answer to question, always keep a rough notebook handy to write down what you've learnt. Take notes in class, so that lectures are easy to revise. You may colour code and decorate your notes as well.

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5 - Revise and do extra study :

You may think a job is done after seemingly learning something and having it in a test, but that's not all. Try to do extra study, and revise everything you have already have tested in preparation for upcoming examinations.This way, you can be sure that you have perfected the art of mastering a certain question or passage and may not need to revise it again for a long time.


In the end, after probably a large amount of hardwork, it is fairly possible that you may be known as the most intelligent student of the class aswell. I hope that this article will be helpful to you.

Truly, lots of love.