Hey guys this is my first article. I hope it can inspired you.
I want to write an article for you as often as possible about different subjects. I`m mainly about what my quotes really means but of course, about other things, like what I've experienced but whatever I write, I hope I can inspire you and you can have a thought about who I am.

There `s comes a time I never see you back again and lost you forever. ~ Andjeli. R

Everything has an begin and an end. We love each other, try to give each other the love we need. Nothing we have now is forever. When you die, you will not take anything. I don`t want lost you. Don`t let me alone. Don`t let me whole the night cry . I wanted us to die together and become in a better place where we can have more fun .
Our friendship/relationship means a lot for me. Now I only has the memories we has together.

I never forget you. Thanks for the fantastic days bae.

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