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I found myself in the blurred lines of what was my reality. My own twilight zone of the world, where nothing made sense anymore. As I entered, crossing that threshold transported me to the Carrington Mosley, one of the finest towers in Eastern Europe.

This wasn't any normal expensive hotel, far from it actually. No, this wasn't just home to the incredibly rich and increasingly famous, it was it's own lifestyle.

The high ceilings trimmed with gold mosaic tiles and white porcelain statues that watched over the most fabulous of residents. The brick walls artfully painted by a world renown artist whose name I couldn't pronounce for the life of me.

I especially wouldn't dare try to here, they might have me arrested for all I know or throw me in a foreign dungeon for such disrespect.

The lobby floors were paved with mile-long marble, not to mention that the furniture's approximate cost amounts up to almost 2 billion dollars.

Frankly, I just hope I'd be able to distract them long enough so I could get upstairs, before they notice my fake Burberry jacket and stolen Jordans.


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