it's crazy how much a stranger can mean to you.

i was at a party last weekend and a stranger put his hand on my waist to move me out of the way so he could pass, and i still feel the pressure of his fingers on my waist. i couldn't tell you what his voice sounded like when he said "excuse me" or what he looked like.

i dreamed about another stranger, and that we were getting married. i can still vividly see us kissing, but i can't tell you who it was or why my subconscious decided that he was the boy i was going to marry that night.

i hear strangers' voices in songs that have shaped me into the girl i am today. sure, i know their names, but you can't really know someone until you spend enough time with them. their songs tell me a story of their struggles and their good time, and i feel like i know them, but i can't tell you the first real thing about them.

i look in the mirror and i see myself. again, i know myself, but i also know i lie to myself. i don't tell the whole truth about myself. with everything in me i wish i could, but i don't even know the whole truth about myself.

(i literally don't know what this is, i just felt the need to write today and decided to try out the new whi articles <3)