Seeing everyone's different folders and what is in them is so interesting to me. My 'Serious Vibes' collection is full of things that I want in life, things I find beautiful, and things that really some up my aesthetic. I love sunsets, beaches, skylines. I like images full of pinks and oranges, and silhouetted palm trees. I like images of LA, images of summer and dreams. To me, those pictures are happiness. They are who I am. But everyone is different. Some people love winter, some love warm jumpers and cups of tea. Some people love New York, cities, the dark. It's funny how different people have different aesthetics as it's hard to imagine yourself with a whole different looking canvas.
So, you do you, love the way you see beauty, and fill your canvas and world with the things you love.
Love, Ella xx

p.s cover photo creds to @solflori