I woke up a little tired. Tired of holding back the cry, of telling the news, of smiling to make it look okay. Tired of being strong. I slept naked. I took off my clothes and masks with them, but I had to put them back in the morning: ripped pants, comfortable shoes and a disguise of a happy, happy, full-time person. Someone who has an obligation to be kind. I've come to think a lot about the world. This is a bit risky, because we come to understand a lot and once discovered certain things, can't return. Maybe ignorance is a blessing, we don't realize the cruelty with which the world is capable of treating us. I woke up a little tired of my own choices. Just for today I don't want to decide anything at all (sugar or sweetener, country or rock'n roll, good morning or f*ck?).

I don't want to be understood. It's just another obligation that gives a lot of work. Just for today, I will not strive to be loved or to please others. Let nothing be said or thought about me: today I can only exist. I woke up a bit lost in regards to smartphones, people, urban mess that strangely confuses me with my own confusion. I will not choose a playlist: play whatever you want. I will not think about people: be exactly what they want. Today, just for today, I don't want conclusions. I want to go unnoticed, like a magical invisibility cloak. I just want to exist until I can adapt to this fear of being eternally misfit. I don't want deadlines or compromises or smiles or explanations. Just for today I want to coexist passively and without any indication of indignation. My soul needs a vacation.