A little article who mixes cat and aesthetic, with a fall thematic, I hope u will enjoy it as my last one ♥

cat, animal, and love image
"little hug"
cat, cute, and kitten image
"sweet fur ball"
book, cat, and tea image
"the reader one"
cat, autumn, and fall image
"fall lover"
autumn, cat, and fall image
"little walk in leaf"
cat, pumpkin, and Halloween image
"white pumpkins and black cat"
pumpkin, Halloween, and cat image
"I give u some pumpkins"
cat, animal, and rain image
"raining toughs"
cat, autumn, and fall image
"playing with leaf"
cat, autumn, and fall image
"lonely walk"
Image by Laus Cristian
"a fall rain"

Thanks for reading, feel free to send my some advice ♡

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